My Truth of Vulnerability and The Beginning of my Blogging Journey!

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Dearest Reader:

With the viral world that we live in today, often there is a tremendous amount of distrust and misunderstanding. It is easy to not trust everything you hear or read on the internet. I understand that people can misinterpret the message behind what people write, especially on blogs.

That said. This is my promise to you, as my reader: I promise to be honest in everything I write. I promise to let people see a side of me that I normally protect and keep hidden. To let my emotions flow into my writing. To say what I hold to be true. To call it how I see it on any given day. In a word, to be vulnerable.

Well, now here is the hard part, I challenge you. I challenge you to be opened minded. Listen to my opinions and play the devil’s advocate; whether or not you agree with what I say, look at both sides of the argument. Do not be too hasty to lash out and take things out of context. Respect my thoughts as I would yours, but challenge the ideas so that we may come to a better understanding together.

What I believe today might not be what I believe tomorrow or even an hour after I say or write it. However, since I will be writing it and posting it my thoughts and opinions will forever be in the universe despite my differing beliefs. I intellectually understand that the average person understands this and will forgive me and/or not hold my changing opinions against me. But, I also understand, that is, that some individuals will hold it against me. I am willing to give it a try either way. I am willing to risk the shame. I am willing to risk people not wanting or accepting me. I am willing to be vulnerable.

My truth is that vulnerability does not come easily to me. I have challenged myself to become a better person by learning the real meaning of vulnerability and allowing myself to live in a place where I am comfortable with being vulnerable. I have always admired those who were able to be vulnerable, but, somehow, when it came to me being vulnerable I felt as though it was weakness. This is false. It is in fact the opposite of weakness. It is empowerment. Vulnerability is inspiring.

I hope that you can learn from my struggles to find vulnerability.I hope you listen to others despite your differing beliefs. Who knows, one day you might just find that you both agree on the subject you once disagreed on. That’s the beauty of the world- it is forever changing. We, as well as the world, are forever evolving.

With an open heart and vulnerability,


Please leave comments. I would love to get to know you! As well as hear what you think of my first real post, what you are hoping to gain from the blogging world (mine, yours, and others!), your favorite blogs&recommendations for me, and anything else you wish to share with me.

Sending you the warmest of wishes & hoping you’re feeling my hugs!! ❤


9 thoughts on “My Truth of Vulnerability and The Beginning of my Blogging Journey!

  1. Hi Kaitlyn,
    Bravo on making vulnerability one of your goals. However, I would just mention that the internet does not forget. It is a tricky balance to protect yourself and make yourself vulnerable at the same time. Keep this in mind and you will be able to produce well thought-out, reasoned, perhaps edgy opinions while maintaining your integrity, which is important in this internet world.
    I hope I haven’t been to presumptuous in my comment.
    Best of luck,

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