Ohio State defeats Alabama!? The SEC is NOT in the National Championship game!? This is a joke, right!?

I just finished watching the Sugar Bowl of 2015 where #4 Ohio State (Big Ten) defeated #1 Alabama (SEC). I have no ties to either team. I am a Georgia student, therefore, I do not like Alabama. I am the sister of a Penn State athlete and Michigan student, therefore, I do not like Ohio State.

Now that I have my personal history out of the way I will let you know, I was rooting for Alabama to win. This is despite the heartache I still feel from the SEC Championship game where I was privledged enough to be second row at the enszone where Georgia lost to Alabama with seconds remaining in the game. A game where many wanted to say Coach Richt made the wrong call or Chris Conley should not have done what he did. Those statements I do not believe in. First, Richt’s plan was smart. It was ballsy and if it had worked, mind you it almost did, everyone would have praised him and called him a genius. Second, Chris Conley is a Wide Receiver. He has been trained since a young age to catch the ball. He did what he was trained to do. What his muscle memory knows to do. Therefore, it is silly to blame Conley for this game. It takes a team to win, not an individual.

I was rooting for Alabama tonight for three reasons. 1) I am a fan of the SEC 2) I think Oregon vs Alabama would have made one heck of a Championship game and 3) Uncle Kenny McNulty loves Bama.

Here are my thoughts post Game:

1) I cannot wait to watch Saban’s post game press conference.

2) I LOVE that this happened. I love it because this proves that there should be and needed to be a college football playoff system. The Number 4 team just defeated the number 1 team. How exciting! This is part of why sport is exciting! This should make every football fan happy, despite their team, because this has now made for a very interesting championship game.

3) I do not understand why Alabama slowed down their tempo. When they had the fast pace tempo going they were winning. When they switched, they started to fall behind which eventually lead to their defeat.

4) I do not understand the Alabama coaches, especially Nick Saban’s thoughts to change Alabama’s tempo midgame. A tempo they had been running all season. A tempo their team was accustom to. A tempo that their team felt comfortable with, won with, and had gotten this far into the season with. However, I do know enough about sport to know he and the other coaches have enough experience and football IQ to have decided this was best for their team. Whatever the reason(s) behind their decision to change their tempo, I am sure it seemed like the best situation for the team tonight. Sadly, it did not work in their favor. In my opinion of course.

5) As a Dallas Cowboys fan I love that Ohio State will be playing Oregon at AT&T Stadium for the National Championship. I have seen first hand how the OSU fans travel all over just to watch their team play. This will bring a lot of money to the Cowboy’s stadium and to Dallas, one place I spend a lot of time. For that, I think it will be good.

6) Oregon vs Alabama would have been a fantastic game! Both would have played a fast tempo game. Both are great teams. It was something I was looking forward to. Now, I know that will not be the case so I have to start thinking what it will be like for Oregon and Ohio State to play. At this point in time, meaning that I have not given it any thought, I do believe that Oregon will run all over Ohio State in two weeks at AT&T stadium. Then again this is a sport game. Anything can happen. Just like it did tonight. Just like upsets happen every weekend. I for one, cannot wait to see what the championship game will bring!

7) Shout out to my DAWGS for winning last night! ❤ #GoDawgs and Stanford. As well as, all the other teams who have played in Bowl Games. Every athlete works their tail-ends off. Not every athlete can be a winner in the eyes of the system. I pray each of them, in times of feeling frustrated and upset, can take a moment to sit back and remember why they started playing the game they play; why they love the game they play. In doing this I hope they find comfort.

I feel bad that everyone cannot win, since I know how hard athletes work. Unfortunately, that is the way the world is or in other words, “the way the cookie crumbles.” So to every athlete who is feeling defeated, I hope you to a moment to reflect and remember your love for the game. I hope you learn, remember, and remind yourself that winning is not everything (although it often feels like it is). I hope you learn, remember, and remind yourself and other athletes to enjoy these moments. Before you know it, you will not be able to play the game that has given you so much anymore. The ending time will come in a blink of an eye.

When you cannot compete in your game any longer, you will not miss the fact that you lost. You will miss the way the game, your teammates, coaches and fans made you feel. The confidence you felt when you accomplished a goal you set for yourself. You will recall the love you had for the sport, its spectates, your teammates, coaches, and oddly enough even your opponents for they made you a better athlete, which I believe makes one a better person.  I hope you recall the privilege you had of playing the game. These are the factors of the game that truly matter, not winning or losing.  Sure, the reality is there is an adrenaline from winning that is spectacular. A feeling that is so high you want to experience it over and over again. However, I hope you remember it is okay to not always win. You will be better for it. The adrenaline of winning fails to compare to the adrenaline and indescribable feeling that comes from playing the sport you love with the teammates and coaches that have become family.

It’s no secret I am an SEC fan. I believe the SEC is the best College Football Program out there. I am sad, as an SEC fan, that there will not be an SEC team in the Championship game. Except, I am also strangely excited about it and the possibilities the psychological affect that might take place for other conference players which might lead to a very interested Fall 2015 season! I cannot wait to see what happens on January 12th at AT&T Stadium. Go Oregon!

Who are you rooting for to win the National Championship game? Why are you rooting for them?  Who is your college football team? Why are they your team?

Here are my answers: I am rooting for Oregon. I do not like Ohio State for reasons mentioned above, although I do have some respect for them as my brother attended a Big Ten University. I think Oregon is a better team this year and deserves to win. Plus, it would be cool for their Heisman Trophy QB Marcus Mariota to win a National Championship. I can only imagine what winning a National Championship and entering into the Heisman fraternity in the same season must feel like! My college team is the Georgia Bulldogs and that is because I attend the University of Georgia.

Peace, Love, and Football,



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