What would you do with 260 Million Dollars?

So, I won the Lottery!?

This past week I was asked twice what I would do if I won the lottery. Well, if I won the lottery I know exactly what I would do.

1. I would take a portion and donate it to the church. Giving back to the man that made it possible.

2. I would find different organizations I support and donate to them.

3. I would invest in my ideas of companies I want to start

4. I would invest in my siblings and mother

5. I would build a house for my entire family (the Condon family) to come together at holidays and random times. To always have a place all of us are welcome no matter what. We our lucky enough to have that at each and every one of our individual houses but we are a large family and cannot possibly fit us all in the homes and estates we current own. Therefore, I would create an estate that could be our own version of Gatsby’s home, the Bush Compound or Camelot. We are lucky enough to have at least two (but many more than two) family reunions throughout the year (Family Christmas Party and Family Day at the Races) but I would like a home for all of us. I would have a wall with a painted family tree that we could add to as the next generation comes to life.

6. I would without a doubt share my wealth with family and friends. I would most likely not give money out (except in certain situations) but rather I would plan something that cannot have a price tag attached. I would plan a trip of a life time.

The Trip Of A Lifetime:

with the ones I love ❤

I would channel a lot from my recent experience on board the MV Explorer with Semester At Sea. I would rent a vessel much like the MV and hire the staff that was apart of my SAS Spring 2014 Voyage as well as others. I would hire folks I felt could benefit from the money as well as those who would be loving and become a part of our large family. People I felt wanted and needed to see the world. I would then hire top doctors and nurses to assist us on our journey. I have elder Aunts and Uncles that are siblings and in-laws to my Grandmother so I would want to make sure that they felt safe traveling with their family, as well as other family members like myself who struggle with health issues. I would hire highly educated, creative, unique teachers to teach the younger children, myself, and the older generations of our family. I would have academics and citizens of the places we would be visiting join us throughout the journey to educate us on the history and beauty of where we would be visiting. I would then hire a team of researchers, travel planners, and academics to create the ultimate itinerary for us. I would of course hire very safe captains to help us avoid all possible storms and potential tragedy that can take place while traveling via the ocean.I would also make sure we had others besides academic teachers to enrich our lives while at sea. Such individuals would be instructors of yoga, Pilates, personal trainers, chefs, bakers, artists, a priest (we are a big Irish Catholic family, you better believe we will be having mass, prayers, and confession) novelists, bloggers, entrepreneurs, beauticians, massage therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists, researchers, athletes, etcetera etcetera.

After I had the majority of the important and obvious things in place, I would present the trip my 100+ family members and close friends to take part on this life changing journey.

The cost of such a trip while at sea with food, crew, fuel, etc would most likely cost about $260 thousand a day. That would most likely inflate or deflate depending on the ship, the number of passengers and crew, and the food we would eat. Knowing me I would spend a lot on food. I come from a foodie family and I also like to eat as naturally and organically as possible. Do not get me wrong-I love junk food and soda. My family has called me “the garbage belly” since I was young. I eat anything and everything. 🙂 I would also make sure we had internet for some obvious reasons but I would want it to be much like the MV. We had internet but we did not live on it. It was for important uses rather than passing time, checking the lives of others on social media, etc. I would also want the internet to stream into Direct TV’s Sunday Ticket so my family could all gather and watch our beloved football together. I would NOT want us to spend our time watching tv and surfing the internet except for on rare occasions like the Super Bowl. This is to ensure we really bond with ourselves, the world, and each other. It seems a bit foreign and silly but trust me, after being forced to live such a life while on Semester at Sea, I really learned the true value of playing poker, board games, sitting and talking rather than texting, surfing the internet and talking during commercial breaks.

The averaged $260 is a guesstimate of life at sea. It does not include the cost of travel while in the countries and the cost of docking at each port. While in the countries I would love to visit historical treasures, unique villages, the common and the uncommon, as well as the corporations that are big to those countries and big in the world. That is the entrepreneur business minded part of me coming out. I think it would be fascinating to visit big and small businesses and corporations. See how they work. Learn by living. For example a Kobe Beef Farm, Nissan in Japan, Coca-Cola companies through the countries, vineyards throughout Europe and South Africa, Castles, Google’s headquarters in different countries and so many other places.

I have been beyond blessed to have had a glimpse into travel life. I absolutely loved it! There is nothing else I would want but to give the gift of travel, learning through unique life experiences, and the unexplainable feeling while in the middle of the sea to the ones I love most in this world. I would also love to join them on the journey. It is life changing. That is what I would do with my money if I won the lottery.

This is what I would do if I were to win the lottery. What would you do!?

With Love, Good Vibes and Easy Living,